Cruelty and Utopia: Cities and Landscapes of Latin America

Princeton Architectural Press, 3 de fev. de 2005 - 263 páginas
This landmark collection of illustrated essays explores the vastly underappreciated history of America's other cities -- the great metropolises found south of our borders in Central and South America.
Buenos Aires, So Paulo, Mexico City, Caracas, Havana, Santiago, Rio, Tijuana, and Quito are just some of the subjects of this diverse collection. How have desires to create modern societies shaped these cities, leading to both architectural masterworks (by the likes of Luis Barragn, Juan O'Gorman, Lcio Costa, Roberto Burle Marx, Carlos Ral Villanueva, and Lina Bo Bardi) and the most shocking favelas? How have they grappled with concepts of national identity, their colonial history, and the continued demands of a globalized economy?
Lavishly illustrated, Cruelty and Utopia features the work of such leading scholars as Carlos Fuentes, Edward Burian, Lauro Cavalcanti, Fernando Oayrzn, Roberto Segre, and Eduardo Subirats, along with artwork ranging from colonial paintings to stills from Chantal Akerman's film From the Other Side. Also included is a revised translation of Spanish King Philip II's influential planning treatise of 1573, the "Laws of the Indies," which did so much to define the form of the Latin American city.

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Foreword Herve Hasquin
Ordinances for the Discovery the Population and the Pacification of the Indies excerpts
JeanFrancois Lejeune
Writing and Cities
Fernando Perez Oyarziin
The Modern City in Latin American Literature
Havanas Tropical Shadows and Utopias
From Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia
The City as Landscape
Toward an Architecture Without Borders
The City as Imagined by Juan OGorman Luis Barragan Mathias Goeritz and Mario Pani
Toward the Visibility of the Invisible
Enrique Larranaga
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Jean-Francois Lejeune was the curator of the exhibition "Cruelty and Utopia." He is an architect and urban designer, architectural historian, and associate professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture.

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