Cassell's Dictionary of Norse Myth and Legend

Cassell, 2002 - 494 páginas
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The Scandanavian imagination inspires our culture in hundreds of ways, from our words for days and months to customs common in most of our holidays to popular phenomena such as Harry Potter and the Tolkien legends. The entire cast of gods and trolls, heroes and monsters, lands and beliefs, receives a comprehensive survey in more than 1,000 entries, photos, charts, and quotations. Many entries draw upon recent archaeological discoveries which shed new light on ancient rituals and peoples, in many cases providing evidence that the even the most fanciful tales turn out to contain a core of factual history.

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Sobre o autor (2002)

Andy Orchard is currently Professor of English and Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, and Associate Director of the Centre for Medieval Studies. He recently moved to Canada after nine years' teaching at the University of Cambridge, and has published numerous books and articles on a wide range of topics in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic literature.

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