Astrology: True Or False? A Scientific Evaluation

Prometheus Books, 1988 - 242 páginas
Contemporary astrologers claim that their craft is scientifically based and rationally consistent, and above all, that "astrology works" - a belief shared by millions of Americans, including highly visible political and media personalities. As a result, the practice of consulting the stars for advice has never been more popular - or more dangerous. Professional astronomers Roger B. Culver and Philip A. Ianna have produced a highly readable and well-referenced response to the claims of astrologers. This book points out the glaring inconsistencies associated with the basic concepts of "modern" astrology - from the zodiac itself to the fabled "Age of Aquarius." Tracing humanity's historical fascination with the heavens that produced the celestial "twins" of astronomy and astrology, the authors leave little doubt concerning the difference between astronomical science and astrological art form. Astrology: True or False offers a complete and extensive summary of available evidence on astrology's basic definitions, concepts, and effectiveness. The authors' research revealed thousands of predictions gone "bust" - from the start of World War III to claims about the existence of an "anti-Earth" orbiting on the other side of the sun. They studied the famous "twenty-year cycle" of presidential death and disaster, the "moon cycles" of crime and murder in major cities, and the incidences of major personality traits in certain sun signs. Their conclusions, while disappointing to the determined believer in astrology, are nevertheless refreshingly rational.

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Star Wars of the Gldeet Kind
The Houses Divided
The Age of Aquarius
Dunning the Empirical Trappings
Testing the Astrological Gestalt
Astrology With A Sheri Deck
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Roger B. Culver is professor emeritus of astronomy at Colorado State University.

Philip A. Ianna is professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Virginia.

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