The Art of Forecasting Using Diurnal Charts

American Federation of Astrologers, 1977 - 60 páginas
Diurnal charts forecast present events, and are the essence of proofreading transiting aspects to the natal chart. They indicate action for the month ahead, forecast eventful days and major and minor events, and serve as a catalyst for timing slow moving transiting planets. They also determine the best days and times for purchasing lottery tickets and winning at games of chance, as well as the best time to travel, pass test, or apply for a job. The Art of Forecasting Using Diurnal Charts includes all you need to know about this time-honored method of forecasting from general rules for interpretation to aspect and signs on the diurnal Ascendant to proofreading lunations. Sophia Mason also includes her secrets for using diurnal charts in sports gaming. You will find simple, complete instructions, and many examples, for picking the winning team, whether it's baseball, football, hockey, basketball, or another popular sport.

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