Advances in Functional Training: Training Techniques for Coaches, Personal Trainers and Athletes

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In the seven years since the publication of his first book, Functional Training for Sports, new understanding of functional anatomy created a shift in strength coaching. With this new material, Coach Boyle presents the continued evolution of functional training as seen by a leader in the strength and conditioning field.

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Advances in Functional Training 
Reconsidering Functional Training 
Choosing Functional Exercises 
Mobility and Flexibility 
The JointbyJoint Approach 
Cleans versus Snatches 
Teaching the OneArm Dumbbell Snatch 
Teaching the CloseGrip Barbell Snatch 
The Hang Clean and CloseGrip Snatch 
Alternatives to Olympic Lifting 
Testing Elasticity versus Power 
Developing Elasticity 
Training for Speed 

Movement Screening 
Using the Functional Movement Screen 
Losing Control of the Program 
Screening or Selling 
Influence of the Functional Movement Screen 
Diagonal Pattern 
Adding Strength to Dysfunction 
The InLine Lunge 
FMS Examples in Team Settings 
Case Studies 
FMS and the Strength Coach 
Assessing Strength Flexibility and Mobility 
Ankle SelfMobilization
The Bodyweight Squat 
Full Squats 
Mobility Drills 
Soft Tissue Therapy 
Foam Rolling 
Rolling versus Massage 
Static Stretching 
Shortened Muscles 
ActiveIsolated Stretching 
Injury Reduction 
Painful Exercise 
Tendinitis or Tendinosis 
Injury Prevention Suggestions 
UpperBody Injuries 
Rotator Cuff Support 
Anterior Knee Pain 
Glute Medius and Adductors in Knee Pain 
SingleLeg Training and Knee Pain 
ACL Injury Prevention 
Understanding Sports Hernia 
Sports Hernia Prevention 
Sports Hernia Rehab 
The Core 
The Approaches in Core Training 
Core Stability 
Anterior Core Training 
Glute Activation and the Core 
Rotational Training 
Core Advances 
Awareness in Rotational Training 
The Core Exercises 
FloorBased Core Stability Exercises 
Quadruped Progression 
Supine Progression 
The Superficial Core 
The Hips 
Understanding the Hips 
The Psoas and Iliacus 
Back Pain 
TFL Cramping 
Weakness in the Hip Muscles 
HipDominant Exercises 
Hamstring Group 
HipExtension Exercises 
Cardiovascular Training 
Conditioning for Athletics 
Fiber Type 
Work Capacity Model 
Physiological versus Performance Testing 
Using Physiological Testing 
Specific Conditioning for Athletics 
OffSeason Conditioning 
Preseason Conditioning 
Long Cardio versus Interval Training 
Interval Training Programs 
HeartRate Elevation 
Interval Training Methods 
Implementing Interval Training 
Beginning the Program 
Interval Training Modes in Detail 
Running and the Female Athlete 
Training Endurance Athletes 
Injury Progression The ThreeIs 
Pain Site versus Pain Source 
The Endurance Athletes Program 
Developing Athleticism 
Power Development with Olympic Lifts 
Sprint Speed 
Speed or Acceleration 
Start Tips 
Start Drills 
Increasing Sprint Speeds 
SportSpecific Training 
Balance and Instability Training 
Losing Power with Age 
Equipment Choices 
Equipment Choices 
Slideboard Training 
Medicine Ball Training 
Sled Training for Athletics 
Sled Pushing 
TRX Suspension Training 
Exercises Choices The Basics and SingleLeg Training 
Knee Issues with Squats 
Front Squats 
Developing a Safe Squatting Style 
Coaching the Bodyweight Squat 
TrapBar Deadlifts 
Deadlift Benefits 
Pressing Exercises 
Training the Combine Bench 
Overhead Athletes and Overhead Lifts 
Strength Comparisons 
The Strength Chart 
Developing SingleLeg Strength 
Classifications of SingleLeg Exercise 
Progressive Range of Motion 
SingleLeg Progressions 
Posterior Chain Training 
Determining Weight for SingleLeg Squats 
SingleLeg Exercises 
Facilitating the Glute Medius 
SingleLeg Strength 
Program Design 
Program Design Basics 
Objective One Prevent Injuries in Training 
Program Design Points 
Developing Power and Speed 
Strength Programming 
Essentials of a Sound Program 
Training and the Central Nervous System 
Circuit Training 
Circuit Training Results 
Peripheral Heart Action 
Hypertrophy Training for Athletes 
The Mythology of Hypertrophy 
Concurrent or Conjugated Periodization 
Choosing a Training System 
TwentyRep Tests
Daily Leg Training 
FourDay Workout Programs 
ThreeDay Workout Programs 
TwoDay Workout Programs 
LowBudget Programming 
Static Stretching and Mobility Circuits 
Plate Circuit 
TenRep Circuit 
Day Three Workout Variations 
Variation Two 
Variation Three 
MBSC Summer 2007 
MBSC Summer 2008 
2009 MBSC Program Goals 
Training Program Flow 
Speed Development 
LowerBody Strength and Balance Progressions 
LowerBody Strength Continued 
Core Training 
Program for Clients with Back Pain 
UpperBody Strength Program 
In Closing 
Final Thoughts 
Planes of MovementSagittal Frontal Transverse 
Continuing Education 
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