A History of the Modern Middle East

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This comprehensive work provides a penetrating analysis of modern Middle Eastern history, from the Ottoman and Egyptian reforms, through the challenge of Western imperialism, to the American invasion of Iraq and Iran's new influence in the region. After introducing the reader to the region's history from the origins of Islam in the seventh century, A History of the Modern Middle East focuses on the past two centuries of profound and often dramatic change. Although built around a framework of political history, the book also carefully integrates social, cultural, and economic developments into a single, expertly crafted account. In updating this fourth edition of the late William Cleveland's popular introductory text, Martin Bunton addresses recent transformative developments in the Middle East, charting the decline in the peace prospects between Israelis and Palestinians, elaborating upon the resurgence of Islam, and devoting a new chapter to ''America's Troubled Moment in the Middle East,'' which details the aftermath of the Iraq war and Iran's nuclear ambitions.

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Beginning with the Ottoman Empire, he traces events right down to the Iraq war. It made clear the Sunni/Shia division, along with the other ethnic ones as well as clarifying the politics that the US has played in the region. All of a sudden, the newspapers began to make sense. Ler resenha completa

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These books become outdated as soon as they are printed. Even history changes as new perspectives come about and new information comes to light. This book is a bit bewildering, but so is the subject ... Ler resenha completa

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The Beginnings of the Era of Transformation
The Struggle for Independence The Interwar
Authoritarian Reform in Turkey and Iran
The Arab Struggle for Independence Egypt Iraq
The Arab Struggle for Independence Syria Lebanon
The Palestine Mandate and the Birth of the State
The Independent Middle East from the End
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