A Dictionary of Celtic Mythology

Oxford University Press, 2004 - 456 páginas
Subjects covered in the 4,000 alphabetically arranged entries include characters in Celtic myth such as Deirdre, Cuchulainn, and Branwen; places, real and imaginary, revealing the mythological and legendary associations of places such as Anglesey, Bath, and the river Shannon; creatures from folklore such as the glaistig, brownie, and leprechaun; gods and goddesses and their classical parallels; tale cycles and narratives such as Y Gododdin and the Tain Bo Cuailnge; real and legendary figures such as St Brigid, Caradog, and Geoffrey of Monmouth; animals and plants such as the deer and foxglove; Arthurian parallels such as Percevel, Galahad, and Tristan; artefacts such as cauldrons and the Sheela-na-gig; regions and countries from Brittany and Caerphilly to Galatia in Asia Minor; archaeological sites such as Dinas Emrys and the Uffington White Horse; and vital concepts and ideas including flood legends, the dead, female warriors, kingship, druids, and the Otherworld.

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Sobre o autor (2004)

Dr James MacKillop, President, American Conference for Irish Studies; Professor of English at Onondaga Community College (Syracuse, New York).

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