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After death, one soon discovers that every theologian was right. The afterlife offers too many inconvenient options including the chance at reincarnation, a boring existence as a ghost, the ultimate demise of oblivion or a short walk into the great unknown on the other side of The Light.

AFTERLIFE is a humorous yet tragic tale that forces everyone rethink their postmortem prejudices. If you think life is frustrating, try death.

"Afterlife delivers a story crawling with heart, humor and hope. Packed with a cast of characters who surprise with insights, integrity and insults, this book made me more curious about life's after-party. We can all hope that Guy's vision can light the way, because we'll be laughing and learning on that path while we wait for our turn at care that's critical."
- Ron Seybold

". imaginative, funny and smart."
- HeidiSpringer

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Guy Smith is a writer, songwriter and political provocateur. At times Smith has been a cowboy, surfer, computer guru and marketing strategist. Throughout he has been freethinker and libertarian agitator, committed to expanding all freedoms and dressing down politicians in the process. "Once elected, you're my employee and whipping boy."Smith contributes Op/Ed pieces to major metropolitan newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle, Oakland Tribune). He has published over 150 magazine articles and writes both fiction and non-fiction books.

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